Professional Comedian
Sioux City Reverssance Festival - Performer

Garie Lewis pertrays the self exiled king of " The Kingdom Whose Name Shall Not be Mentioned".
Temporary King of Riverssance. Stealer of The Mighty Canon. Friend to all children and peasants. The Maestro of Mud. The Deacon of Dirt. You know....Mud Man!

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Sioux City Roller Dames - Announcer

Garie Lewis is the announcer at the 'Sioux City Roller Dames' home games. The Sioux City Roller Dames compete locally and the sport is played around an oval track, with points scored as two individual players (designated as 'jammers') lap members of their opposing teams whilst both teams play offense and defense simultaneously

Shot In The Dark Productions - Actor

Garie Lewis has performed in several plays produced by 'Shot In The Dark' productions.

Last Friday Comedy Club - Host

Garie Lewis is the host of the 'Last Friday Comedy Club' which is a once a month Comedy Club which is located inside Eagles Club 77 located at 416 Jackson, Sioux City, IA 51104. It meets on the Last Friday and the SATURDAY of each month. Its purpose is to provide Siouxland with nothing but the best available comedy from some of the brightest and most fearless comics on the road today.