Get your Mud Man T-shirts here!
Here they are, ladies and gentlemen, by popular
demand (thank you, both) Mud Man T-shirts!
Straight from the Sioux City Kingdom of Riverssance:

Self exiled king of "The Kingdom Whose Name Shall Not be Mentioned".

Temporary King of Riverssance.

Stealer of The Mighty Canon.

Friend to all children, peasants and faeries.

The Maestro of Muck.
The Deacon of Dirt.
The Sultan of Sludge.

You know....Mud Man

I am Mud Man.

Make your friends jealous of your incredible fashion sense.

Get them in pink (the official color of the Mud Man T), tan or white.

A steal at any price, but especially criminal at only $20 (shipping included).
Quantities are limited! Check first to make sure that your size and color are in stock.
Email themudman@yahoo.com to make sure!

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