Garie Lewis joined the world many, many moons ago in that part of the world colloquially known as South Dakota. He soon learned that the Midwest was, indeed, a good place to have been from.
After a stint in the Iowa Army National Guard, Lewis tried to overthrow a small, now defunct, local college. Lewis's comedy career started very shortly after his college career.

"You suck. Go back to college!",his manager said. So he did.

"You suck. Get out of our college!", the college people said. So he did.

Once again he returned to comedy and as time went by he sucked less and less until he reached the point where he was pretty damn good. *

In the years since, Lewis has traveled the world (or at least the nation) making people either grin or grimace....hopefully both.

He's opened for some major acts, and has actually posed as a major act himself. He has worked with Tommy Chong, Steven Wright, Michael Winslow the voice guy from Police Academy, and Creedence Clearwater REVISITED the JOHN FOGERTY-less version of CCR. (Garie kind of feels bad about that now...although, the 3,000 plus people in the audience did help ease his conscience a bit...just a bit).

When not on the road (or in Wichita) he rents a shack in Sioux City, Iowa, where he keeps a guitar, a Juiceman Jr.* a futon, a towel and a sultans stash of the tiny shampoo bottles he has stolen from all those hotels on the road.
*acknowledged matter of opinion.

*Ok, I don't know if I should have put a REGISTERED TRADEMARK sign by that or not..but...there isn't one on MY keyboard.  So, to the JUICEMAN man people ...please don't sue me if I have stepped on some legal toe or something.  I LOVE my JUICEMAN JR.! I use it lot's and think your whole company is just...super! The Juiceman himself is a bit...odd... though...no offense.